Traveling to Jerusalem from Kiriath Jearim

Jerusalem is just a short 30 minute car ride from the site.


Israel’s capital has a lot to offer in terms of weekend activities. However, it is also Israel’s largest city, so always make sure you know where you are going and how you plan on getting there.

Furthermore, each of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods is different in character and population, so always be respectful of their beliefs and requests.

Public transportation can take you from Abu Gosh, the village where the site is and where we will be sleeping, however, it does not run on the Sabbath (from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening).

The central bus station is located in the western entrance to the city. There you will find plenty of cabs, buses. and the light rail. The light rail doesn’t go everywhere in the city, but it hits the major attractions and will probably get you to where you to the areas that you would want to go.

If they do not there is always a bus. In Jerusalem, the bus company is Egged ( On their website you can find inter-city buses but also bus lines and times for buses which can take you anywhere else in Israel.

For more info about Jerusalem stay tuned to our blog posts and Facebook page, and if you have any specific requests – just ask!


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