Laundry Service at the Monastery

There is a laundry service available at the Monastery (price list bellow). There will be a designated day each week when laundry can be sent. Details will be explained on site. You should bring a mesh laundry bag with you in which you will place small items like socks and underwear. You may also be asked to write your name in other clothes. While we try to take as much care as possible, it is probably not a good idea to send very delicate clothes to the laundry. If there is something very special to you, consider hand washing it yourself. Therefore, you should consider bringing some detergent in case you would want to do some washing yourself. 

Item Price
T-Shirt 5.00 NIS
Polo Shirt 5.00 NIS
Long Sleeves 5.00 NIS
Shirts 5.00 NIS
Night Dress 5.00 NIS
Underwear 5.00 NIS
Pajamas 5.00 NIS
Pants 10.00 NIS
Dress 5.00 NIS
Jacket 10.00 NIS
Shorts 5.00 NIS
Pair of Socks 5.00 NIS

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