Dig Bus 2017

At the start and end of every dig week we will provide transportation to and from the Monastery. The bus will make 2 stops in every direction – Ben Gurion Airport and Arlozorov Train Station.

Beginning of dig week

the bus will depart at 17:30 from Arlozorov. The meeting point is at the information booth (see pictures below). We will then drive to the Airport, where a second pickup will take place at 18:00. The meeting point will be at the Menorah, you will see it just as you exit the airport’s arrival hall, if you do not see it in front of you as you exit the terminal, fallow the signs to the airport train station, it is a few meters from the train ticket booth.

End of dig week

the bus will leave the Monastery at 13:30, and make the same two stops.


Arlozorov meeting point:




Ben Gurion Airport meeting point: