Food and Drink

Three meals per working day are provided. The dining hall does not serve pork or shellfish, but it does not have a certificate of kashrut. Vegetarian offerings are always available. Please let us know if you are vegetarian or have other dietary concerns so we can be sure the right amount of vegetarian servings are available. Israel’s tap water is safe and potable, but many people purchase bottled water which is readily available everywhere. Team Members are responsible for providing their own early morning snack before heading to work. Coffee, tea, bread, biscuits etc. can be purchased at Abu Gosh stores and we will show you a communal eating lounge for this purpose.

In addition to the dining hall, our team will have access to an eating lounge with communal facilities for light food preparation (sink, fridge, microwave, kettle, etc.). There will be room for personal food storage in the lounge and the Monastery requests that we do not bring food into our bedrooms. There are also many pleasant outdoor seating areas for snacking.

Breakfast is provided every work day—Monday to Friday. It is a dairy buffet bar (sandwiches, vegetables, yogurt, cereal, fruit) and will be taken in and around the dining room of the Monastery.

Lunch is also provided every work day—Monday to Friday. It is a meat meal and is the main daily meal. A typical lunch meal is chicken, hot vegetables like green beans, corn, or carrots, potatoes or rice, bread, and cold salads (cabbage, cucumber & tomato, humus, etc.).

Dinner is provided five days a week—Sunday night to Thursday night. It is a lighter meal than lunch, for example soups, salads, cold meats, etc. 

Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises and the canteen does stock some beer for sale. We remind all participants that team members are expected to take care of their physical well-being to the best of their ability—this means staying well hydrated and not drinking alcohol such that it impairs the ability to work. Please also note that smoking is prohibited in all of the buildings on the site and is only allowed in designated outdoor spaces. To our smoking friends we request that you take care to not leave behind cigarette butts anywhere on the grounds and only use proper disposal containers.


Weekends begin Friday after lunch and end Sunday evening, when you should join the team for dinner. Our rates cover your room for the whole length of your stay, including the weekend. You can choose to travel and stay overnight elsewhere, stay and relax at the Monastery, or to take day trips and return to the Monastery at night.

However, the Expedition does not provide meals on the weekend— You are on your own for Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. Many Team Members will use their free weekends to travel around the country. If you choose to stay on the Monastery, you can prepare meals in your kitchenette or make a barbecue. The nearby stores stock a wide selection of foodstuffs, e.g. cereals, dairy products, cold cuts, salads, plus meat and barbecue supplies. There is pizza delivery from Abu Gosh, Jerusalem and other nearby options.