Kiriath-Jearim 2017

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10 Tips for a Great Season According to Omer Ze’evi

omerOmer Ze’evi, a super important staff member of the Kiriath-Jearim staff, will be in charge of data recording, computers, tech, and measurements in the upcoming 2017 season.

He is a graduate student, currently working on his Master’s thesis, titled “El Amarna in the Shephelah: A 14th century BCE assemblage from Tel Beth Shemesh.” Apart from that, Omer specializes in digital applications in archaeology.

Since Omer is a seasoned excavator, we asked him for a list of his 10 tips for a great season:


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Pre-Season Interview with Thomas Römer

Why Kiriath-Jearim? thomas

KJ is a fascinating site for several reasons. It plays a quite important role in the so-called Ark narrative in the books of Samuel, and appears also in other biblical texts. And it is also a site which has not been excavated until today. This is probably due to the fact that the place is occupied by a monastery. Judging by the biblical documentation the place was probably a quite important (religious) center.

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Pre-Season Interview with Christophe Nicolle

Why Kiriath-Jearim?christoph 1

The site is in a strategic location at the top of one of the highest Judean highlands near Jerusalem. It is mentioned several times in the Bible, in particular as the temporary repository of the ark of covenant (before it was placed by King David in the Jerusalem Temple), as a border town between the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, or in a list of people of return from exile. Obviously, it was an important place from a political and religious point of view. An impression archaeologically confirmed by its five ha. size making it one of the largest sites of the highlands.

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Public Transportation in Israel

Trying to get to the dig? Israel has lots of options for public transportation all over the country and you will probably use a bus, train or shared taxi (sherut) at some point in your visit. Like anywhere, some places are more directly accessible than others—so you’ll be well served to do some research or ask for some advice before you travel. Since some of you have specific travel plans that will require you to reach the dig site on your own, we have put together some bus information for you. Please read carefully because there are a lot of names, numbers and other details in these directions!

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Laundry Service at the Monastery

There is a laundry service available at the Monastery (price list bellow). There will be a designated day each week when laundry can be sent. Details will be explained on site. You should bring a mesh laundry bag with you in which you will place small items like socks and underwear. You may also be asked to write your name in other clothes. While we try to take as much care as possible, it is probably not a good idea to send very delicate clothes to the laundry. If there is something very special to you, consider hand washing it yourself. Therefore, you should consider bringing some detergent in case you would want to do some washing yourself. 

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