Tel Aviv

It will take you approximately 40 minutes to get from Kiriath-Jearim to Tel Aviv with a car. Tel Aviv is located right on the beach and is the heart of the young and modern Israel.

tel aviv.png

The number of cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs etc. in Tel Aviv are too numerus to name here, the best thing to do is either ask the locals (on Facebook look for the group “secret Tel Aviv”) or online

For Tel Avivians, weekend brunch is very important. You will find that most cafes and restaurants will be packed full with people by brunch time.

The beaches tend to get crowded over the summer weekends–so come early to get the best spot. But don’t forget to bring plenty of water and sunscreen!

Jaffa: or Jaffo as it locally called, is the older part of the city and where the majority of the Arabic speaking population of the city lives. Here you can find the best hummus in the city and other excellent restaurants. During the weekend, there is a busy flee market with great stalls filled with antiques and collector’s items. In between the stalls, you can find small boutiques of the young Israeli fashion designers. The old historic port of Jaffa is also worth seeing. It was recently renovated and the old buildings were restored to their former glory.

Sarona: the old German Templar complex was renovated and transformed into a vibrant area filled with shops and gardens. In the center of Sarona is the Sarona Market, there you can find small shops with the best ingredients needed for fine dining or a fancy picnic. Other than the shops are great restaurants which are all in the theme of “street food”. Make sure to walk around and pick the best dishes from each place and sit down to eat in one of the eating areas inside.