Travel to and within Israel

Trip to Israel

We have team members from all over the world, so we do not organize a group flight.  We suggest online booking sites like Expedia or Travelocity. Start looking early–there are often good deals to be had with a little legwork. We will ask you to provide us with detailed travel information once you have it, and we will try to put people in touch with other participants who happen to be on the same flight.

Once you arrive in Israel, the dig will provide transportation from the airport to the Monastery and from the Monastery to the airport at the beginning and end of each dig week. 

*signup for the dig bus, is available only after you’ve completed all registration for the season.


Many travel guides mention the following wisdom: Take half the clothes and twice the money. This is good advice! You will almost certainly not need as much stuff as you might think. For tried-and-true advice on packing for Kiriath-jearim, check out the tips and tricks from our seasoned staff member Erin Hall on our blog.

Israeli electrical current is 220/240V. Any electrical appliances brought from North America will require the appropriate converters (for the voltage), and/or an adapter plug (to fit in the outlet).

There is a laundry service available at the Monastery (price list bellow). There will be a designated day each week when laundry can be sent. Details will be explained on site. You should bring a mesh laundry bag with you in which you will place small items like socks and underwear. You may also be asked to write your name in other clothes. While we try to take as much care as possible, it is probably not a good idea to send very delicate clothes to the laundry. If there is something very special to you, consider hand washing it yourself.

Item Price
T-Shirt 5.00 NIS
Polo Shirt 5.00 NIS
Long Sleeves 5.00 NIS
Shirts 5.00 NIS
Night Dress 5.00 NIS
Underwear 5.00 NIS
Pajamas 5.00 NIS
Pants 10.00 NIS
Dress 5.00 NIS
Jacket 10.00 NIS
Shorts 5.00 NIS
Pair of Socks 5.00 NIS

The linens in your hostel room will be changed once a week on a designated day. You will receive instructions concerning logistics for this service once you arrive. 

Money and Security

Responsibility for the security of all personal belongings, including passports, cash, credit cards, clothing and other objects, rests with the individual Team Member. As always, when travelling anywhere, you should use common sense and take care of all your belongings. Team Members need enough travelers’ checks, cash and credit cards to handle additional expenses (travel, gifts, entertainment expenses, meals at restaurants, and so on). The Expedition will NOT cash checks or advance money on credit. In Israel, credit and debit cards can be used almost everywhere, but you should always check with your bank or credit card company about fees—some of which can be substantial when using your card abroad. You can exchange money at the airport upon arrival so that you will have some shekels on hand. It is inconvenient during the week to exchange money because of our work schedule. On weekends, you will, if you choose, be able to travel to areas with banks, post offices, etc.


Weekends begin Friday afternoon after lunch and end Sunday evening at dinnertime, following the schedule of the Monastery.

Your room fees include the cost of your room for the whole length of your stay, including the weekend. That being said, we highly recommend traveling over the weekend! Jerusalem is only 30 mins away, and Tel Aviv is only an hour by car. Note that many businesses and all public transportation will start to close Friday afternoon for Shabbat (the Jewish sabbath, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) and only reopen Saturday night. But team members can get together and arrange a private taxi or even a bus after the beginning of Shabbat. We are happy to help you! We can suggest many travel itineraries throughout the country and places to stay. We have prepared a few small suggestions for travels tips to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the Dead Sea area. If you have any more questions or in need for a more tips just ask!

If you do choose to stay over the weekend, remember that the Expedition does not provide meals on the weekend— you are on your own for Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. Meals can be prepared in the small kitchenette. Stores and restaurants in neighboring Abu Ghosh will be open on Shabbat so there are lots of options! If you stay on site over the weekend, please also remember that Sunday is a holy day for the sisters who live at the monastery and team members will be expected to respect their needs by not making excessive noise, especially during their prayer services.

For those who are arriving or departing for a given week, we will provide a dig bus from the airport to the site on Sundays at 18:00 and from the site to the airport on Fridays at 14:00.

For those staying on in a given week, whether you travel over the weekend or stay on site, everyone will reconvene at Sunday dinner to begin the next dig week.

Rooms must be vacated on the final day of the Team Member’s stay. We regret that Team Members are not permitted to remain in the monastery after the close of the Expedition. The accommodations are booked, and must be readied for the next occupants.If you have paid your fees but unexpectedly have to change your plans, refunds for dig participation and/or course withdrawal can be granted prior to April 15, 2017. Refunds for course withdrawal or cancellation of dig participation after April 15, 2017 cannot be guaranteed and are at the discretion of the excavation directors.